RRV-ONS Mission

The Red River Valley adopted the same mission as National ONS

ONS Mission
The mission of the Oncology Nursing Society is to promote excellence in oncology nursing and quality cancer care.

Strategic Plan

2009-2010 RRV ONS Strategic Plan


1-Promote chapter membership retention and recruitment.


-contact National ONS members who are from the RRV area and members   of the local chapter

            -encourage Board Members to bring a guest

-encourage Board Members to contact (by personal letter, telephone call, or personal invitation) current members prior to the scheduled meetings

-invite Board Members to describe their roles at general meetings

-promote rewards: OCN recognition, random drawings

-non-members will be asked to pay $10 to attend meetings


2-Mentor chapter members into leadership roles.


-Continue to mentor positions and committees (president, president-elect, secretary, treasurer, historian, membership, nominating, programs, newsletter, virtual web, and expand roles as chapter needs are identified)


3-Maintain a format for yearly budget planning and tracking.


4-Increase the Chapter presence in our communities.


            -participate in one community-related project

-obtain local media coverage regarding an oncology nursing related event (utilize PR departments and work with National ONS to secure proclamations for National Oncology Nursing Week, publish Oncology Nursing Week/Month acknowledgement and activities)


5-Promote the integration of new scientific information and technology into     existing and emerging roles of oncology nursing.


            -promote ONS sponsored programs to local members

-promote education updates by interaction with pharmaceutical representatives (initiate pilot plan to invite vendors to chapter meetings)

            -promote oncology nursing to the local nursing student programs


6-Promote a coordinated effort to ensure quality cancer care.


            -provide continuing education courses for chemotherapy/OCN certification

            -precept/mentor nursing students when available opportunities arise

            -recruit a chapter member to represent us nationally



RRV Vison

The RRV ONS chapter adopted the National ONS's vision.

ONS Vision
The vision of the Oncology Nursing Society is to lead the transformation of cancer care.



2010 Guidelines


1-General Membership meetings will be held at least four times a year (ideally, April, June, September and November) Meeting sites will rotate between Fargo and Grand Forks.

The Program Committee will reserve the meeting site rooms. Dates may change for speaker availability.


2-Board meetings will be held at least four tines a year and at a minimum of one month prior to the General Membership meetings. The first meeting will be the Annual Retreat and future meetings may be held via telephone conference calls. The President will organize these meetings.  The annual Retreat will have a meal provided and paid by the Chapter.


3-Four meetings will be held each year: a combined General Membership and Educational Program is the goal.


4-Meal expenses of the program speaker for the General Membership Meeting and Educational Programs will be submitted to the Treasurer, if they are not included with the program.  Mileage for any non-chapter member speaker will be reimbursed at the current government-approved rate.


5-Four newsletters will be published annually.


6-A travel award of $1000.00 will be given annually, as funds permit, to the Chapter President for ONS Spring Congress or Fall Institute Registration expenses.  If the President’s employer is paying expenses, the money will be provided to another board member that hasn’t utilized this money in the past.  If there is more than one applicable member, the money will be equally split among those members.  If no one uses it, the money will remain until the following year. 


7-The RRV ONS Chapter will donate to the ONS foundation each year.  The amount of donation will depend on our chapter size.  ONS recommendation for chapter sizes are: small chapter (up to 49 members) - $250, medium chapter (44-99 members) - $350, large chapter (100+ members) - $500.


8-The Membership Chairperson, or a designated committee member, will have RRV ONS and National Membership Application information available at each General Membership Meeting and in each newsletter.


9-The President-elect or a designated chapter member will be the Chapter Legislative contact, as per expressed interest.


10-The President-elect or another Chapter member designated by the Board will attend the ONS Mentorship Leadership Weekend in Pittsburgh each year. Priority is given to new Board/Committee Chair Members.


11-The Elected Officers and Chairperson of the Committees will return records for the year at the Annual Board Retreat. The records will be turned over to the newly elected Officers and appointed Board/Committee Chairpersons.


12-The Past-President will be the Historian and update the Chapter scrapbook and Archives as needed. There is a list of items to be filed according to National ONS guidelines.


13-Any purchases or payments greater than $50.00, will require an approval from a quorum of the RRV ONS Board.


14-The President-elect or designated member will assume responsibility of the Chapter Newsletter.


15-Committee reports will be reviewed at each Board Meeting.


16-Minutes from the Board/Business meetings will be submitted via email to all Board Members no later than two weeks after each meeting. The minutes will be reviewed and approved by the consensus from the Board Members by teleconference or by email.


17-Prior to each General Membership Meeting and Educational Program, Board Members will attempt to personally invite all known active members, potential members and guests.


18-RRV ONS quorum is to be three of the four elected Chapter Officials, when a decision is to be made at a Board Meeting. At a General Membership Meeting, a quorum is five members. (This is per discussion with National ONS.)


Submitted January 2010 

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